The Zephyr
This '38 Lincoln Zephyr will be the next big project. Imported from the US still with it's original (running!) flathead V12 engine, this will be a very special car once it's had the Intergalactic treatment! 

The Intergalactic Custom Shop
Established at the end of the last century by Wayne Allman, to build one-off Customs, Dragsters and Hot Rods for people that want something individual, fast and beautiful. 

Mental Breakdown
Designed and built by Wayne Allman , Mental Breakdown started life as a 1965 Volkswagen single cab pick up. Badly damaged in a fire, it probably would have been scrapped if it had not been transformed into the dragster it is today. It still has the original cab and doors, although these have been modified to lose a total of 14 inches in height and fit snugly onto the custom built 4130 chrome moly chassis. The rear of the pickup now accommodates a supercharged Keith Black Hemi V8. Spec’d and built by Wayne, it produces around 2000bhp and is backed up by a 3-speed Lenco transmission. This power is transmitted to the ground through 16” wide American Racing Wheels and full size Goodyear Eagle Funny Car Slicks.  Mental Breakdown ran a 7.67 second quarter mile at 170mph on its first pass and since then has run a 7.51 and reached 182.9mph in the quarter mile. Best viewed close up for the full flamed effect, Mental Breakdown is painted in layers of candy and metal flake and the handwritten signage is finished in copper leaf.

The rebuild of this 1955 Hudson Rambler Cross Country Custom Station Wagon is still a work in progress.  So far he has had new floors, custom 2 1/2" stainless steel exhaust system, metal flake and lace custom paintwork, chassis rails and narrowed 9" axle with 4 link and air bags, and a new engine!

Horace is a '57 Chevy van who spent his former years in the USA delivering bread (the old logo is still visible). He requires a lot of work but due to his size will make a wonderful vintage camper or works van when he's restored.

What's in the Intergalactic Garage?
Sometimes we get time to work on our own vehicles, here are just a few:

What do we do?
The Intergalactic Custom Shop custom car building specialists fabricate out-of-this-world creations in metal - from custom fuel tanks to full blown dragsters.  Custom cars, Hot Rods, one-off body panels and roll cages, undertaking all types of  custom body and chassis work  - the more unusual the better!